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Teaching and learning is the heart of Renovo’s mission. Our pedagogical team is made up of teachers who are studying at or have graduated from France’s top universities: Polytechnique, Ecole Centrale, ENS, Sciences Po, HEC, ESSEC, Faculty of Medicine, and Ecole des Mines. The English teachers are native speakers, recruited from an exchange program between the United States and France.

All volunteers, these teachers commit to transmitting their knowledge and their experiences in elite educational institutions. They show our students by example that it is possible to reconcile academic success with spiritual fulfillment in France. Our students know that they too will become, in their turn, members of the pedagogical team. The first class of Renovo students to pass the Baccalaureate exam, now students in the most elite sections of the best preparatory academies in Paris, have already begun teaching with Renovo themselves.

Working alongside the pedagogical team, our supporting teams ensure the smooth functioning and further development of Renovo. The communications and event planning team organizes our annual charitable gala, and represents Renovo in salons, forums, and mosque events. In addition, other members of Renovo focus on fundraising and serve as our legal counsel.

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The Members


Renovo’s president

Taoufik is Renovo’s president-founder and relies on over 12 years’ experience in teaching private lessons at-home and then in various organizations. He is convinced that students are luckier to succeed whenever they are working together and create between them brother-like bonds. Within Renovo, Taoufik is in charge of project managing, recruitment and also teaches math.

Our students enjoy his biting humor and unswerving support whenever they feel down.


Educational hub, student at Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan

Abdelouahab joined Renovo in 2014. He is involved as advisor for undergraduate teaching. Three evenings a week, he accompanies medical students and those who follow courses in selective classes preparing to the Grandes Ecole. They review together the notions studied at school and Abdelouahab prepares them to their exams through oral tests.

Our students do appreciate his rigor, his being always on the lookout and his moral support at every moment.


Educational hub, graduate of Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan and Ph. D. student

Renovo member from the outset, Noureddine is involved as advisor of the educational hub for scientific disciplines since 2011. He defines the program and the documentary resources with the hub’s other members. He is also advisor of the eleventh grade class where he teaches math, physics and chemistry.

Our students appreciate his perfect mastery of quantum’s secrets that he demystifies by using Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland tale!


Fundraising hub, student at ESTP Paris

Abdellah joined Renovo in 2015. He brings along his freshness and his project-management he acquired through the many projects developed with his school. Strong-willed, he multiplies active steps to find new partnerships for Renovo.

Our students like his frankness, his boundless generosity and his catching smile.


Communication & marketing hub, Market Research Manager – Pfizer

Involved in Renovo since 2013, she is in charge of Renovo public relations as well as organizing extra-curricular activities for the students. She is definitely Renovo’s jet pilot as she coordinates Renovo’s team and holds dialogue with parents.


Educational hub, student at Sciences Politiques Paris School

Aminatou has been teaching at Renovo since the beginning of 2015. Her attending at Renovo charity gala made her fully realize that her commitment could make the difference. From then on, each Sunday, she dedicates herself to French classes for 14-year students. She helps them in preparing the Brevet exam serenely and enriching their classworks adding their own special feel.

Our students are fond of her thanks to her patience, her amusing anecdotes and the modern references she uses to illustrate deep notions.


Educational hub, student at HEC Business School

Myriam set out on Renovo journey since 2013.She teaches there math to 16-year students. More than pure lessons, she nurtures a taste for news and for her own discipline into the students. Between two explanations of theorems, she gives five minutes to tell them about her school path, her study trip in Singapore and her internships.

Our students enjoy her closeness, her explorer side and the odd exercises she gives them at the end of a class.


Educational hub, student at Harvard University

Karen is at Renovo for 2014-2015 schoolyear. Through an exchange program with her university, she wanted to discover France. She found within Renovo a continuation of her commitment to Affirmative Action in her home country. Native-speaker, she perfectly masters French and teaches Shakespeare’s language to 14-year, 15-year and 17-year students.

Our students do appreciate the unusual course materials she chooses, her all-American enthusiasm and her motivation speeches she makes on the brink of exams.


Legal aid hub, lawyer-student

Sabrina is recruited in 2014 to enhance Renovo legal aid hub. Her mission is to dissect the regulatory framework concerning the Lamartine project.

Our students appreciate her introduction to law through the case appeal in Conseil d’Etat court prohibiting ‘dwarf-tossing’. They do appreciate her for her mastery of the Suits series too!


Educational hub, student at Sciences Politiques Paris School

Djibril joined Renovo by 2011. Advisor of literary disciplines, he eats up each week one Balzac’s novel, one Spinoza’s essay and to finish, one episode of geopolitical series. His mission is to define with the other hub members, the educational content as for French, history, geography and philosophy teaching.

Our students value his knowledge of Persian medieval poetry, and enjoy his impassioned tirades on Antique drama and the books he recommends to read each week.

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