While the mission of Renovo is to remedy the under-representation of students raised in Muslim cultures, in top French universities, the program welcomes all students, irrespective of their religious beliefs.

Renovo holds two admissions periods in February/March.

Admission to the program progresses in three steps:


Written application

Our pedagogical team closely examines the written applications. If their reviews are positive, the applicant is invited to participate in the selection exams.


Selection Exams (February/March)

If the written application has been accepted, the student will sit for a day of written and oral exams in a range of academic subjects.



If the applicant passes the selection exams, they and their parents will then be invited to an interview with members of Renovo, including a psychologist. This step allows us to evaluate the student's motivation, as well as the commitment of their parents.

At the end of the exams and interview, the applicant will receive a final response regarding their admission.

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