Providing the opportunity to access elite educational tracks

Renovo is an academic mentoring program that targets students who aspire to elite educational achievement. Our students follow an intensive program of classes every Sunday and during school vacations, taught by students and alumni of top universities.

Our classroom instruction aims to solidify students’ understanding of scientific and humanistic subjects, and to fill any gaps in their comprehension. Our teachers also work to inspire the students’ intellectual curiosity, to help them acquire study skills,  and to impress upon them the high stakes of academic achievement.

Individual mentorship in an atmosphere of confidence

Renovo’s strength lies in its individual accompaniment of each student. The Sunday classes review the chapters that each student covered at school in the preceding week. An individualized report is regularly reviewed with the parents, to chart the student’s progress.

Teaching during school holidays is one of our program’s highlight. Through this dedicated time, we can stand by our students everyday, detect and fill their gaps in their work organization. This period also gives us the opportunity to get a head start in the following year’s program. By the end of summer, our students generally master all math and French programs of the coming year. This teaching is intense, like a commando immersion, and the students keep asking for more of it! They get to learn about themselves and are proud to stretch their limits. Sports and cultural activities entertain our students throughout their preparation and strengthen fellowship.

Because self-confidence is a key element of learning, Renovo does everything possible in order to create a learning environment that encourages students’ self-discovery and personal growth. Students find in Renovo much more than teachers — they find big brothers and big sisters in whom they can confide. We also partner with psychologists who accompany the students throughout our program.  In particular, they work with our students on public speaking, memory, communication and self-confidence.

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