Who can be a Renovo ambassador?

Anyone who is convinced of the value of our program, and who wants to support us at their own level.

The Renovo ambassador's aims

  • Political mission : Talk about Renovo to those around you. Present the program, and encourage them to support us!
  • Repatriation mission : Identify young people in your community who should apply to become Renovo students, or who should join Renovo as members.
  • Economic mission : Persuade your family, friends, and community to make a financial contribution in support of Renovo, in accordance with their means.

The Renovo ambassador's toolkit

  • Our Facebook page. Keep in touch with our activities and share our posts!
  • Our newsletter. Don’t miss any of our news! (Subscribe at the bottom of the page)
  • Our brochure, which can be downloaded here in pdf. Pull it out whenever an occasion presents itself!


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