Without your help, Renovo would not exist. Even the smallest donations have advanced our work. We may be small, but remember that in the dark night, on a black stone, there is a black ant…and God sees it! We are deeply moved by your generosity. It also holds us accountable. As a charitable organization, we commit to reducing our overhead costs as much as possible, so that we can transform each of your gifts into a concrete contribution to the program.

For 4 years, your gifts have allowed us to teach and mentor 43 students each year. Thirty students is good, but should we restrict our program to a handful of young people, or seek to make it available to as many as possible?  We feel compelled to help even more students! But we are about to reach the limit of our current capacity.

For this reason, Renovo is launching Lamartine, a large-scale project that will allow us to more fully respond to the community’s needs. We hope that Lamartine will eventually become a self-sustaining financial model, so that we can fly on our own wings. This project is highly ambitious, and with your help, we will achieve it!

To pay by check, send it to the account of Renovo at the following address: Renovo, 21 rue de Stalingrad, 94110 Arcueil.

For transfer payment :

RIB Renovo - CIC (2)“The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind”